Fermentation Fun: DIY Yogurt!

Do your kids know they could make their own yogurt? Did you know that it’s actually pretty easy to do so, and could be an awesome tool to teach your kids about probiotics, fermentation, and cellular biology?? This is a fabulous activity for a summer day at home! How to introduce fermentation/probiotics to your kids … Continue reading Fermentation Fun: DIY Yogurt!

Pantry Pasta SUPER BOWL!

Ever invented your own pasta recipe? Today is the day! All you need is some creativity with your pantry, whether you choose to make a fancy dish or a quick one-pot recipe for your family. What's more, pantry pasta makes for a great opportunity for you and your kids to play with your food (Imagine: … Continue reading Pantry Pasta SUPER BOWL!

Lemon Coconut Ice Cream: with video!

Recipe from Jamilya Sharipova As the weather warms up, Taste Quest HQ can’t get our minds off of refreshing treats. Since tropical vacations are on hold for a while, we’re bringing the vacation to you. Follow the recipe below for a silky-smooth lemon coconut ice cream (no ice cream maker required), then follow along as … Continue reading Lemon Coconut Ice Cream: with video!

7 Habits for Encouraging A Healthier Relationship to Food

We are so pleased to have this contribution from Allison Tallman, MS RD, of Nourished Routes, a local nutritionist consulting company. They are teaming up with Taste Quest to help provide more guided content for parenting toward Taste Quest's nutrition goals: increased exposure, increased balance, and increased joy. Getting your kids to eat well can … Continue reading 7 Habits for Encouraging A Healthier Relationship to Food

Exercising Taste Buds with YMCA Campers

By Kathryn Phillips Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of representing Taste Quest to visit The East Nashville YCAP (YMCA Community Action Programs) for some foodie fun. I came armed with our Summer Bucket List Challenge, snacks to go around, a foodie game, and TQ souvenirs—all I needed were some adventurous kiddos, and boy, … Continue reading Exercising Taste Buds with YMCA Campers

Throw a Dumpling-making Party!

One of my favorite things in the universe is Chinese dumplings. While these little treats can get fancy and artisan in restaurants, you can get a great result with a little practice making them at home. The best way to do this is to get a bunch of buddies to help you, or in other … Continue reading Throw a Dumpling-making Party!

Pesky Pesticides, and what to do about them

Several years ago, my husband and I attended a cooking class in a wealthy area on Long Island. Our guess was that the other attendees probably owned Manhattan brownstones as well as multiple vacation houses, so we felt a little out of place, to say the least. This became manifest when I asked the teacher … Continue reading Pesky Pesticides, and what to do about them

The Art of Reviving Leftovers

Leftovers get a bad rap. Especially with a bad wrap. (BudDumCHISH!) If you or your family members are like me, there is something anticlimactic about reheating old food compared to preparing something fresh. And it's really no fun to eat the same thing many days in a row. But we live in the real world. … Continue reading The Art of Reviving Leftovers

5 Tips for Parenting Picky Eaters

Contributed by Sarah Wilson Happy New Year! We at Taste Quest hope your holidays were merry and delicious! As you tally up your 2019 resolutions at the start of this new year, I encourage you to add cooking with your kids to the list. The benefits of doing this include everything from eating more mindfully … Continue reading 5 Tips for Parenting Picky Eaters