Thanksgiving Video Challenge!

Calling all kids! We have a special Turkey Day quest just for you…

Thanksgiving video graphic

We want to see Thanksgiving through your eyes. Use a smartphone camera to capture the day your way in a video that tells a story about your family, about your food, and all the things you’re thankful for. 

The best part?
For every video submitted, our partner blog, The Wandering Rumpus, will make a donation to a food bank!
So, more videos = more full tummies! Let’s get rolling!

Need some ideas? Take one of these for a spin…

  1. Help prepare some part of Thanksgiving dinner. Show us your process and how you helped.
  2. Interview your family members about how they celebrated Thanksgiving when they were growing up.
  3. Write a song or a poem about your favorite T-Day foods and capture it on camera.
  4. Introduce a new ingredient or dish to your Thanksgiving menu and interview people about how they like it. (The new item could be anything from goat cheese to Peking duck–be adventurous!)

Once you complete your video, share it on Facebook or Instagram with hashtags #TQHQ and #TDAYvideochallenge. Alternatively, upload it to dropbox.

Upload videos by NOVEMBER 26. Videos will be featured on the Taste Quest Blog! Donations will be made on GIVING TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 27th.
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