Pantry Pasta SUPER BOWL!

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Project Time:
45 Minutes

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What you need...

Safety Thoughts

Be careful of splashing boiling water. Use oven mitts when dumping the pasta into the colander. Ask for grownup help! Always be careful using anything sharp or hot. Clean any surface immediately that had contact with any raw meat. 

Challenge: Raid your Pantry, Pasta it up!

Ever invented your own pasta recipe? Today is the day! All you need is some creativity with your pantry, whether you choose to make a fancy dish or a quick one-pot recipe for your family. What’s more, pantry pasta makes for a great opportunity to play with your food (Imagine: ‘Spaghetti Super Bowl!’ You can wear the colander on your head as a protective gear…😊 )

But seriously though, pasta does make a SUPER BOWL of food, especially if you add in nutritionally-balanced ingredients. And you can, in fact, make this game!


Choose ingredients from your pantry, freezer, or fridge. The main rule is there are no rules. Choose ingredients that you think will go well together, and try to combine veggies and proteins. You can either make a big pot of one type of pasta, or mix in ingredients for individual bowls.



REMEMBER: Failure is a matter of perspective! If we discover a flavor combination that doesn’t work, then we learn something, and can adjust for next time! No matter what, keep a record of what you like and don’t like about your creations, and share it with us at @TasteQuestHQ!


Did you know…
‘Al dente’ means “firm to the tooth.” Well-prepared
pasta has a denser texture than over-cooked pasta, making it more enjoyable to eat. But pasta al dente also has a lower Glycemic index than overcooked pasta, meaning it can help slow down the absorption of carbohydrates and doesn’t increase blood sugar and insulin production. So cool!

Here are some examples for mixing and matching some ingredients:

  • Lemon zest, olive oil, garlic, and goat cheese;
  • Tomatoes, onions, garlic, and cream
  • Chicken, capers, broccoli, sherry (Piccata pasta!)
  • Basil, butter, garlic, and canned anchovies/tuna and Parmesan cheese
  • Chickpeas, cream, spinach, garlic. Cheese is optional;
  • Tomatoes (fresh/canned), dry thyme, a lot of ground nutmeg, any ground/finely sliced meat and cheese;
  • Canned or dry lentils, canned or fresh peppers, olive oil, cilantro, butter, and Gouda cheese;
  • Dry or fresh mushrooms, dry or fresh dill, butter, and Gorgonzola cheese;
  • Mint, Greek yogurt, garlic, and eggplant. Cheese is optional;
  • Korean chili paste, green/black olives, parsley, and Pecorino Romano cheese.


Did you know…
There is a “No cheese rule” imposed by Italians when eating pasta with fresh seafood. They find that cheese distracts from the delicate flavor of seafood. So, if you’re feeling authentically inclined, and you happen to use fresh seafood, do not use cheese!

SUBSTITUTIONS: If you or a family member are following a specific diet, then substitute regular noodles with pasta made from zucchinis, potatoes, chickpeas, or corn pasta. Also replace any dairy products with vegan options if necessary.


Grownup Guides

Want to avoid a trip to the store? This is a great way to let your kids get creative while you use up items on your shelf! 


Enhance the experience by…



  • Making a list of all possible pantry ingredients you have of that might go well together in a pasta, then pick the top 3 to try. 
  • Be sure to practice “tasting as you go.” 
  • Allowing kids to take photos of their completed pasta.
Game for Littles!
Got some younger kiddos who want to play? Dry spaghetti can serve many purposes. Remember the colander in the very beginning? As part of your Spaghetti bowl, littler kids can use dry spaghetti to ‘stuff’ a colander while it is upside down. The game is great for kids to develop their motor skills, and you can turn it into a timed competition if you like: whoever stuffs the most noodles into the colander wins!
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