Our Mission

To empower kids to nourish their bodies, their families, and their communities through play-based food education. 

Why Taste Quest Works

The Power of Food

Learning about food is a lifelong process...there is so much to know! Taste Quest will explore topics including cooking techniques, global cuisines, food heritage, food science, superfoods and their nutrients, sustainable sourcing, food waste, food insecurity, food art, and so much more!n

The Power of Play

When we play, our brains transform problems into puzzles. Learning through play encourages positive and active pursuit of understanding. Taste Quest uses games, crafts, experiments, and stories to help kids engage directly with food and practice essential life skills.


When kids play with food, they not only grow in knowledge of nutrition and culinary techniques, but they also practice critical thinking, creativity, adaptivity to failure, social awareness, and responsible decision-making, among many other life skills that give them the agency for making healthy choices and serving others.

Stellar Content

Taste Quest creates play-based food engagement activities both for individuals and for groups. Our most recent initiative, Snack Around the World, is a group kit featuring six recipes from around the globe, all of which invite every participant to customize those recipes with their own signature style. Through games, stories, crafts, and experiments, kids practice essential life skills and practice their newfound cooking superpowers!


Kits include Playbooks and Aprons for all participants, Facilitator Guides, and Gamified Assessment tools that track comprehensive skill development across quests.

Ready to Team Up?

Want to use Taste Quest
  with your group of kiddos?

Want to support thousands of kids as they build essential life skills?

Want to team up with your organization and see what we can accomplish together?

About Our Founder

Founder and Director Emily Capo Sauerman really likes raspberries. And dumplings. And étouffée. And oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with a cup of tea. Most importantly, she likes sharing food with everyone around her, especially kids.

Emily brings a multifaceted background to the task of launching Taste Quest, including work with several publications, nonprofit marketing and development, and small business consulting. She is also an avid experimenter in the kitchen, perfecting techniques and flavors from all over the world to enhance her culinary repertoire.

Emily lives in Nashville with her husband, Josh, their daughters, Elizabeth and Abigail. Even though her kids are small, Emily is always trying to find ways to involve them in the kitchen, believing that food, in both preparation and consumption, is a critical family-building tool.

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