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Help roll out our Snack Around the World series for thousands of kids, AND get to play with food yourself!

Cooking is a Superpower!

When you play with your food, amazing things can happen!
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Why Play with food?

Because food connects to all aspects of life, and play is the best way to learn! When we put the two together, kids experience tremendous growth in essential skills including nutritional competence, collaboration, creative innovation, critical thinking, self-regulation, and social awareness.

Nashville_Avo Man
"A great way to get children involved in food preparation and nutrition while also helping the community!"
Kristen S.
Nashville Parent
"Taste Quest has given me a lot of fun food combination ideas that I never wouldv'e thought of otherwise."
Carolina H.
Team TQ member, 2020 Summer Bucket List Champion
"Such a wonderful concept! Highly recommend to all."
Dr. Danny

Taste Quest is a 501c3 organization.