Quest: Reverse-engineer a recipe!

I love it when people discover that they can make something from scratch. There is this light in their eyes that pops with possibility and curiosity. This is why the kitchen is such a great place for kids; they can experience this pop every day by playing with food! One way to encourage this pop … Continue reading Quest: Reverse-engineer a recipe!

Fall Foods that Pack a SUPER Punch! Plus tacos and cookies :)

Written in collaboration with Nourished Routes, LLC There are few things better than the flavors of fall: maple, cinnamon, apples, pumpkin…the list goes on! But these foods are full of much more than comforting flavors and a change in the weather. Our favorite fall ingredients are also packed with nutrients to help kids grow up … Continue reading Fall Foods that Pack a SUPER Punch! Plus tacos and cookies 🙂

Interview with a Chef! Chef Skylar Bush and his Creole Gumbo!

Hey there, grownups and kids: have you ever wondered what it's like to be a chef? We are starting a series of interviewing chefs with questions gathered from curious kids. Today, we are getting to know Chef Skylar Bush. Skylar is a chef and writer who hails from Alabama. His love of culture and flavor … Continue reading Interview with a Chef! Chef Skylar Bush and his Creole Gumbo!

Fermentation Fun: DIY Yogurt!

Do your kids know they could make their own yogurt? Did you know that it’s actually pretty easy to do so, and could be an awesome tool to teach your kids about probiotics, fermentation, and cellular biology?? This is a fabulous activity for a summer day at home! How to introduce fermentation/probiotics to your kids … Continue reading Fermentation Fun: DIY Yogurt!

Tac-O-lympics: 5 games to play with your tacos

Father's Day is this weekend! Wouldn't it be great if the kids helped prepare an awesome meal for Dad? What about a Taco Bar? The kids can pick out whatever taco toppings you have on hand, get them ready, and whip up some tacos for Dad! Better yet, what if this were a meal AND … Continue reading Tac-O-lympics: 5 games to play with your tacos

Lemon Coconut Ice Cream: with video!

Recipe from Jamilya Sharipova As the weather warms up, Taste Quest HQ can’t get our minds off of refreshing treats. Since tropical vacations are on hold for a while, we’re bringing the vacation to you. Follow the recipe below for a silky-smooth lemon coconut ice cream (no ice cream maker required), then follow along as … Continue reading Lemon Coconut Ice Cream: with video!

Melon Mania!

Taste Quest is ringing in the summer the best way we know how—(water)Melon Mania! We thought we'd share two of our favorite watermelon recipes for you and your family to enjoy during your socially-distanced celebrations. Play-based learning is kind of our thing, so we included a sensory game under the pico de gallo recipe to … Continue reading Melon Mania!

Fast Pantry Pasta with Tomato Cream

When I was a teenager, my sister was gifted a subscription to a cooking magazine. While each of us enjoyed cooking before this gift, the magazine inspired us with tantalizing photos, helpful kitchen hacks, new flavor combinations and technical challenges. Not every recipe was great, but we saved the ones we liked the best and … Continue reading Fast Pantry Pasta with Tomato Cream

DIY Wild Violet Popsicles

I have a neighbor who is SO on top of her mom game, even during a pandemic! She posted a brilliant idea for an awesome, seasonal, and delicious kid activity and I just had to share: DIY WILD VIOLET POPSICLES! First off, did you know that those little purple flowers in your springtime yard are … Continue reading DIY Wild Violet Popsicles

Bread Sculptures and Butter Dance!

Whether you are reading this stuck inside during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, or just perusing for activities to do with your kids, you have come to the right place! Cooking with our kids can seem like a daunting task, but Taste Quest is all about making this fun for both kids and grownups. With play-based … Continue reading Bread Sculptures and Butter Dance!