Taste Quest empowers kids to nourish
their bodies, their families, and their communities
through play-based food education.

About Us

Our vision is to see kids empowered to seek out new experiences, gain new skills, adopt a healthier relationship to food, and affect real, positive change for people in need.

What We Believe

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Food is a gamechanger.  
Taste Quest seeks to augment kids’ experience of food and challenge them to add more joy, nutritional balance, intentionality, and camaraderie to their eating habits. Taste Quest shows kids that sharing food builds relationships. By exploring topics like cooking techniques and traditions, food histories and cultures, food science, and the environment, kids can strengthen their own bodies and tighten bonds with their family and their community.

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Play is the best teacher.
Playful, hands-on learning enhances interest and retention of new ideas. With Taste Quest, kids learn through games, stories, experimentation, and craft to achieve the maximum engagement with its learners. Taste Quest encourages readers to stretch their imaginations through asking good questions, seeking out new experiences, and trying things they’ve never done or tasted before.

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Kids are mighty.
Kids need to understand that they have the capacity to affect real, positive change. Taste Quest channels kids’ efforts to reach neighbors in need and shows those kids the real value they add to their community.

About Our Founder

Emily Capo Sauerman really likes raspberries. And dumplings. And étouffée. And oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with a cup of tea. Most importantly, she likes sharing food with everyone around her, especially kids.

Emily brings a multifaceted background to the task of launching Taste Quest, including work with several publications, nonprofit marketing and development, and small business consulting. She is also an avid experimenter in the kitchen, perfecting techniques and flavors from all over the world to enhance her culinary repertoire.

Emily lives in Nashville with her husband, Josh, and their daughter, Elizabeth. Even though Elizabeth is still a toddler, Emily is already trying to find ways to involve her in the kitchen, believing that food, in both preparation and consumption, is a critical family-building tool.