Taste Quest is all about strengthening the community. This means we need as much community involvement as we can get. There are many ways to get involved.


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Donations make it possible for us to provide a quality experience for kids learning all about food at no cost to them. Our goal is to keep the Taste Quest content freely available and flowing with fresh games, stories, experiments, and crafts.


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By partnering with Team Taste Quest, our sponsors get to double their impact with their dollars by supporting kids food education and combatting food insecurity simultaneously. TQ Sponsors fund both our content development and also pledge gifts to partner nonprofits for every point logged by our kid team members. It’s a win-win-win: kids learn, communities connect, and hungry people eat!


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We need your help to spread the word about the Taste Quest project. We welcome partners who can connect us with parents, educators, libraries, gyms, healthcare professionals, after-school programs, camps, food industry professionals, and anyone else you can think of who needs to participate. We invite you to share about Taste Quest by word-of-mouth, social media (with grownups), newsletters, blogs, podcasts, publications, billboards, blimps, Kiss-Cam, or anything else you got.


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KIDS: We want you! We are always collecting new ideas for ways to play with food!. Send your inspirations, stories, photos, and recipes to our headquarters or post them to social media and tag us @tastequesthq.

GROWNUPS: We want you! Taste Quest needs lots of help developing content, spreading the word, raising funds, and testing material with your kids. Contact Headquarters to get started.


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Would you want to host a scavenger hunt in your grocery store? Would you want to set up a cooking demo for kids? Would you want to feature kids’ food writing in your publication? Would you want to create a Food Olympics at your Farmers market? Would you want to build dioramas out of vegetables? Anything goes with Taste Quest games, and we invite you to get creative with how you’d like to participate. Contact Headquarters to brainstorm.

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