Make Your Own Baking Video!

Quest #C21
20 Points

Project Time:
1-2 hours

Get Skills!

What you need...

Safety Thoughts

Be careful with any heat source or sharp tools you use in your chosen recipe! 

Maggie made a video! And A Cake! And you can too!

Long time Taste Quest Teammate Maggie, age 15, put together this fabulous baking video to illustrate making an apple gingerbread cake. The video–and the cake– turned out really well!

And guess what? You can make YOUR OWN BAKING VIDEO! Here is what you need:

A phone or camera
A tripod or sturdy place to hold the camera in place
A plan/recipe
Your ingredients
Grownup permission 🙂

You can be in the video, or not in the video! You can edit or not edit! You can make mistakes! The only rule is to have fun! (And to be careful with anything sharp or hot!)

Share your videos with us by uploading them when you log your quest and we will post them to the blog and celebrate your awesomeness!


Grownup Guides

Let your kids be the director of the film! Here are some ideas to enhance the experience:


  • Look up some cooking videos you like and think about the style of them. Ask questions like, “What angle do they position the camera?” or “Where is the light coming from?” or “What makes that food look delicious?” 
  • Keep an eye out for safety hazards while cooking, as usual.
  • Offer any ideas for improving lighting for the video. 
  • Add music after the video is completed. 
  • Encourage kids to try again if they don’t like the results. 
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