New TQ Content!

Taste Quest is cooking up some great new content for kids and their grownups to use at home!

With Taste Quest content, you can engage kids in the joy of cooking. In addition to our regular blog posts, each month we’ll deliver mini magazine PDFs to your inbox, featuring recipes, stories, and games, all designed for kids ages 7-13 (with special supplemental guidance for grownups).

What makes our new content so special?

  1. Play-based food learning! When we play, we adopt a positive attitude toward learning new skills: problems become puzzles, obstacles become challenges. Therefore, let’s play with our food! Taste Quest shapes all of our content into the form of games, stories, experiments, and/or crafts, to trigger this positive learning pathway.
  2. Graduated Skill Acquisition! In all of our recipes, we are identifying the skills required for success, so that both kids and their grownups can identify skills they want to learn at their own pace. After all, no one goes from Zero to Souffle! Everyone can learn at their own pace.
  3. Step-by-step illustrations and cooking terminology IDs! We’ll minimize confusion so everyone can have more fun.
  4. Safety Markers and Cleanup Reminders! We will interrupt our recipes to make sure no one skips these critical steps.
  5. Grownup Guides! Our recipes will contain parallel content to help grownups identify and facilitate “the sweet spot of frustration,” or that magical place where kids are curious enough to learn and not too frustrated to continue.
  6. Rich Context Elements: What is the science behind brining chicken? What is the history of Afternoon Tea? What did the nut say when it sneezed? Every piece of content we create will illuminate all kinds of fascinating knowledge and opportunities for supplemental fun!

How to get the subscription?

Share your info in the form below and make a suggested donation of $25 to Taste Quest!

We Need Your Help!

As we launch this new content, we want to make sure it is creating the greatest impact with your kids and for your family. Your participation and feedback will help propel our progress to reach kids across Nashville and beyond! Let us know we can count on you by contacting us directly or filling out the surveys below. Also, if your kids participate, we can induct them onto our KID ADVISORY BOARD!

Already completed one of our Quests? Share your feedback to help us make future Quests even more awesome!

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