Let the Good Tastes Roll! A parent/child cooking class

Join us for a Taste Quest Live hands-on cooking experience for both kids and their grownups this February, featuring favorite New Orleans dishes just right for Mardi Gras! Kids will try their hand at new skills, experience new ingredients, and spark curiosity about the world of food. Grownups will gain tips and tools to guide their kids’ learning process and have a ton of fun. Together, we’ll play games, tell stories, gain skills, and eat some seriously tasty food. 

We are joined by Sarah Wilson of The Wandering Rumpus, a resource for families who love to travel, explore kid-friendly Nashville, eat food from around the world & much more! Sarah will share stories and resources from New Orleans — where she went to college and her extended family lives— and her many travels (and meals!) with her kids. 

Why come to the class? 

  • Hands-on skill acquisition through the lens of play: stories, games, craft, and experimentation. 
  • Guides and resources for Grownups to help their kids learn to cook 
  • Support for Taste Quest, a new nonprofit empowering kids to nourish their bodies, their families and their communities through play-based food education 
  • Beignets, duh. 

Details: February 22
Time: 10am- 1pm 
Cost: $100 for 1 child (ages 7-14) and 1 grownup. $25 for each additional guest. Proceeds benefit Taste Quest and their magazine content launch. 

Location: Church of the Redeemer, 920 Caldwell Lane

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  1. Prior knowledge required? Nope! And that goes for grownups as well! 
  2. What if I can’t make the date? No worries! Our goal with Taste Quest is to equip kids to build good food habits and skills at home, and our new Digital Subscription will give you the tools to replicate this experience at home. 
  3. What if we don’t like spicy food? No worries! We will not go crazy with spices and we will have many dishes on the menu to sample. 
  4. Is there parking at the venue? Yes! Head around the building to the parking lot by the playground. Enter through the door on the stairs then head downstairs to the fellowship hall. There will be signs.

More Questions? Email emily@tastequest.org 

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