Fermentation Fun: DIY Yogurt!

Do your kids know they could make their own yogurt? Did you know that it’s actually pretty easy to do so, and could be an awesome tool to teach your kids about probiotics, fermentation, and cellular biology?? This is a fabulous activity for a summer day at home! How to introduce fermentation/probiotics to your kids … Continue reading Fermentation Fun: DIY Yogurt!

Melon Mania!

Taste Quest is ringing in the summer the best way we know how—(water)Melon Mania! We thought we'd share two of our favorite watermelon recipes for you and your family to enjoy during your socially-distanced celebrations. Play-based learning is kind of our thing, so we included a sensory game under the pico de gallo recipe to … Continue reading Melon Mania!

A 2020 Vision for Mighty Kids

Happy New Year from Taste Quest! The year is already off to a busy start at Taste Quest Headquarters and there is a lot to get excited about, but before I get to that, I want to zoom out for a minute, as is custom at this time of year, and speak to the reasons … Continue reading A 2020 Vision for Mighty Kids