Why I’m all in with Taste Quest

post it 3As with anything started from scratch, it takes a lot of hours and a lot of effort to give it momentum. As the founder it means that I occasionally ask myself why I’m bothering. Then I remember this video I saw shortly after conceiving the Taste Quest concept.

I could wax on prolific as to why Taste Quest is going to rock the world. I could produce a lengthy list of benefits that Taste Quest will offer our kids and our communities. But this video from a Norwegian nonprofit, only one minute long, beautifully captures two reasons for why Taste Quest exists.

The first is obvious: kids should not be hungry. It’s easy to watch this and feel your stomach yanking on your heart.

The second is a little more nuanced: kids can lead the charge in real, positive change. Kids are mighty, but they need motivation, direction, and a vehicle for enacting that change. Taste Quest’s mission is to equip kids to enhance their relationship to food, strengthen their family dynamic, and meet real needs in the community. Taste Quest wants to make it possible for more kids to be like the classmates in this video, and use their own cooking experiments and nutrition education to pay it forward and help neighbors in need.

If you agree, please make a gift to the Taste Quest effort. Thanks for being awesome.

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