Taste Quest for Parents

Dear Parents of future Taste Quest teammates, Have you been wondering how to help your family eat better? Do you wonder about the best ways to teach your kids about cooking? Would you love to see your kids serving their neighbors in need? Welcome to Taste Quest! Our goal is for Taste Quest to be … Continue reading Taste Quest for Parents

OctoberQuest Success!

Thank you to all the Taste Quest supporters who made our first ever FARMERS MARKET SCAVENGER HUNT possible...nay, AWESOME! In spite of the nasty weather, OctoberQuest was a ton of fun. 26 kids participated in the Market Hunt IN THE RAIN! Way to go guys! One of our participating vendors, Maid N' Meadows, brought their kids … Continue reading OctoberQuest Success!

Holiday Bread Sculptures

Whenever I see the judges on the Great British Bake-Off criticize the contestants' breadsticks for not having that "snap," I just shake my head. You see, in my head, breadsticks are fluffy and chewy. They are also shaped like turkeys and Christmas trees. Growing up, we used our bread machine to make lots of different … Continue reading Holiday Bread Sculptures

Why Experiment in the Kitchen

I once went to a conference where one of the speakers talked about how she launched new programming within her organization. She said the reason she and her team were able to accomplish so much was because they labeled every new program "an experiment." This idea has stuck with me through many areas of life, … Continue reading Why Experiment in the Kitchen