Taste Quest for Parents

Dear Parents of future Taste Quest teammates,

Have you been wondering how to help your family eat better? Do you wonder about the best ways to teach your kids about cooking? Would you love to see your kids serving their neighbors in need? Welcome to Taste Quest!

Our goal is for Taste Quest to be a tool that makes it easier for you to involve and teach your kids about eating and cooking, as well as serving people around them. We want to see kids empowered and leading the way in strengthening their bodies and their relationships. Taste Quest seeks to augment all of the things you are already doing (grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, volunteering, etc.) so that your kids can be involved, learning and growing through engagement with food.

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering whether you can spare the energy for yet another thing your kids want to do. I get it. I’m a parent, and I’m exhausted. All the time.

So why Taste Quest? Let me paint a picture for you…

ONE YEAR FROM NOW, your kiddos could be making their own lunches every day.
TWO YEARS FROM NOW, your kiddos could be regular volunteers at a food pantry.
FIVE YEARS FROM NOW, your kiddos could be preparing Thanksgiving dinner
FIFTEEN YEARS FROM NOW, your kiddos will be fully self-sufficient adults hosting dinner parties, and NOT living in your basement.
ANY TIME NOW, your kiddos could be making you breakfast in bed 🙂

Teaching your kids to cook is an investment. We all need to get dinner on the table before bedtime, but think about the long game: involving your kids now means cultivating life-long skills and an awareness and joy in the food we eat. It means raising adults who take care of their bodies, support their families, and contribute to their communities.

This is what Taste Quest is all about.  We want to see kids empowered to affect real, positive change within their bodies, their families, and neighborhoods. We want them to grasp cooking as a superpower and see the ways they can help others with new skills.

Will this mean more work from you? Maybe a little. Will this mean more mess? Most likely. Will this be worth it? Definitely.

Our promise to you is to keep it simple. We can’t do this without you, so we want to accommodate your needs along the way. We promise to craft our Taste Quest challenges so that they enhance your regular routine, not add more to your busy days. So, if you are going to the grocery store, we will give you ways to make it fun for your kids to come with you. If you are making dinner, we will give your kids games to play as they help out. If you are cleaning up, we will incentivize them to do AS MUCH as possible!

We need you on our team. Help us empower Nashville’s kids and start playing Taste Quest with your family. Please send feedback whenever you have ideas to share.

Thank you for your support and your participation!

Emily, Taste Quest Founder and Fellow Parent

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