Pantry Pasta SUPER BOWL!

Ever invented your own pasta recipe? Today is the day! All you need is some creativity with your pantry, whether you choose to make a fancy dish or a quick one-pot recipe for your family. What's more, pantry pasta makes for a great opportunity for you and your kids to play with your food (Imagine: … Continue reading Pantry Pasta SUPER BOWL!

DIY Wild Violet Popsicles

I have a neighbor who is SO on top of her mom game, even during a pandemic! She posted a brilliant idea for an awesome, seasonal, and delicious kid activity and I just had to share: DIY WILD VIOLET POPSICLES! First off, did you know that those little purple flowers in your springtime yard are … Continue reading DIY Wild Violet Popsicles

7 Habits for Encouraging A Healthier Relationship to Food

We are so pleased to have this contribution from Allison Tallman, MS RD, of Nourished Routes, a local nutritionist consulting company. They are teaming up with Taste Quest to help provide more guided content for parenting toward Taste Quest's nutrition goals: increased exposure, increased balance, and increased joy. Getting your kids to eat well can … Continue reading 7 Habits for Encouraging A Healthier Relationship to Food

Bread Sculptures and Butter Dance!

Whether you are reading this stuck inside during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, or just perusing for activities to do with your kids, you have come to the right place! Cooking with our kids can seem like a daunting task, but Taste Quest is all about making this fun for both kids and grownups. With play-based … Continue reading Bread Sculptures and Butter Dance!

#KidshelpingKids: Tornado Relief with your Kids

After the March 3 tornadoes tore through the Middle Tennessee area, we have seen a huge effort from the community to address needs and provide support. This is super crazy awesome, but as a friend of mine said yesterday, there is so much more to do. This friend is a teacher and lives in Mt. … Continue reading #KidshelpingKids: Tornado Relief with your Kids

Exploring New Orleans with the Taste Buds…and Emily’s étouffée recipe

There are still tickets to our New Orleans Cooking Class! Check it out! Last Spring my family flocked from all over the country to gather in New Orleans, the city where my Dad grew up, the fifth generation of Capos to do so. It was the first time my siblings and I had been to … Continue reading Exploring New Orleans with the Taste Buds…and Emily’s étouffée recipe

A 2020 Vision for Mighty Kids

Happy New Year from Taste Quest! The year is already off to a busy start at Taste Quest Headquarters and there is a lot to get excited about, but before I get to that, I want to zoom out for a minute, as is custom at this time of year, and speak to the reasons … Continue reading A 2020 Vision for Mighty Kids

Throw a Dumpling-making Party!

One of my favorite things in the universe is Chinese dumplings. While these little treats can get fancy and artisan in restaurants, you can get a great result with a little practice making them at home. The best way to do this is to get a bunch of buddies to help you, or in other … Continue reading Throw a Dumpling-making Party!

TQ’s List: Nashville U-Pick Farms

Guest post by Sarah Wilson of the Wandering Rumpus blog! “Better than any argument is to rise at dawn and pick dew-wet red berries in a cup.” - Wendell Berry Spring is here in Nashville which means berry and fruit picking has officially begun! My girls, husband and I love to pick fresh fruit and … Continue reading TQ’s List: Nashville U-Pick Farms

The World On Our Plate

Do you remember that part in the movie, Ratatouille, when Remi feeds his brother grapes and cheese? Amidst the spiraling fireworks of figurative flavors, Remi exclaims, “Now, imagine every great taste in the world being combined into infinite combinations, tastes no one has tried yet, discoveries to be made!” I love this. For me, Remi … Continue reading The World On Our Plate