Interview with a Dietician!

There are so many types of jobs involving food! Some food workers are chefs, some are farmers, and some help people identify best ways to eat according to each person’s needs. These last workers are called dieticians, and they can help people optimize the nutrients in their diet to best suit their bodies.

Taste Quest has interviewed a real dietician, our friend Allison from Nourished Routes, a dietetics partnership here in Nashville. Learn about this fascinating job from Allison!

1. What IS a dietician? How do they help people? 
A dietitian is healthcare professional trained in all aspects of nutrition! Dietitians have to go through undergraduate schooling in nutrition, do a dietetic internship program, take a board exam, and do ongoing continuing education. Dietitians don’t just tell people to eat salads. They help people to build healthier eating habits, meet their nutrition goals, and much more, all in a realistic and balanced way.

2. What made you want to become a dietician and help people in this way? 
I became a dietitian to help people to feel less confused about nutrition. There is so much misleading and inaccurate information out there that it’s crucial for people to obtain accurate and reliable education! This is why Nourished Routes hosts affordable nutrition educational seminars and workshops–to provide accessible nutrition knowledge to the community.

3. What are the top three pieces of advice you give your clients? 

Set realistic and achievable goals! I hear from clients all of the time about goals they want to reach that are not achievable, and therefore they get fatigued or give up when they don’t reach them. Also, choose sustainable and lifelong behavioral changes instead of short-term or “fad” ones. Lastly, nutrition doesn’t have to be boring! Spice up things in the kitchen, try new recipes, and don’t be too hard on yourself. Also – choose reliable sources of education instead of google or influencers! 

4. What about food most surprises you and/or your clients?  All of the crazy trends that come out and are popular! Keto, celery water, chylorpophyll drops… there are so many things that come out into our world that lack research.

5. Which “healthy” food do you find most delicious and how do you prepare it?
We get requests about healthy on-the-go snacks – our no-bake protein balls are our favorite!! They are easy to make, can last awhile in the freezer, and are most importantly nutritious and delicious! We have a bunch of protein balls on our site – you can check them out here!

6. Which “healthy” food do you think is gross? 
The one food I don’t like are olives! I’ve never liked them, never will!

7. What else would you like to say to Team Taste Quest Kids? 

Make food fun! Kids can help in the kitchen, with grocery shopping, and exploring flavors, textures, smells, and more.

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